You give and give and give…

Dear Drone: At my office, there always seems to be someone having a baby, getting married, leaving the company, or raising money for a charity. These are all wonderful causes, but my budget can’t handle the constant outpour of cash and if I don’t contribute, I become public enemy number one! What should I do? Karma Rich and Cash Poor

Dear KR&CP: OH man this frosts my shorts. The one that gets me are the cakes and gifts for the folks you really don’t know, but because the person organizing the soiree is brazen enough to wander through other departments with the donation hat, folks are guilted into contributing to Don in Accounting’s new hair plug surgery when they wouldn’t know Don if they saw his gleaming bald head right in front of them.

This one is as easy as it seems, KR&CP. When the hat comes around, just say it’s not in your budget this week but you certainly wish good ol’ Don tons of luck with those plugs. Yes, there are those who apparently budget for multiple contributions, but the rest of us have to set some boundaries.

Here’s the best scenario and one you should feel free to share with the organizers. Ask folks to contribute anything they’d like from zero dollars up to ten or so; then see how much they have to work with. This way, the single mom with 3 kids doesn’t get the “We’re all chipping in fifty bucks for diamond earrings! Will you pay with check or cash?” Nothing says “Congratulations!” like a feeling of shame and inadequacy.


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  1. Clobbersaurus says:

    Despite the fact that I was laid off nearly two months ago, those vultures are still trying to get money from me. I oughta clobber ‘em!

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