Why the Drone is a rule-follower (and why you should be too)

Yes it’s true. At 2AM in the rain I’ll stand at an empty intersection and wait for the light to turn green before I cross. I don’t cross over rope-lines, I always drive to the right around traffic islands (even if I’m making a left), I stay on the marked path, I keep my movie stub in my pocket in case I have to pee and I work an 8 hour day, even if my boss isn’t around.

Rule-followers get a lot of crap from our more risky, envelope-pushing pals. Although raised on the east coast (with its reputation for envelope-pushing), I’ve been safely ensconced on the west coast (the kinder, gentler coast) for a number of years and find myself comfortably surrounded by other rule followers. It’s so relaxing.

But before you roll your eyes and stop reading, let me tell you why this is such a good thing at work. Yes, rule-following at work can be your friend as it is mine. Rules I follow: I document discussions with my employees (and my boss; we’ve all been in that conversation), I apologize when I’m wrong (this is huge, look for this in a future post), and I own the decisions that are mine while letting other folks own the decisions that are theirs.

This last one let’s me sleep at night. Misguided corporate marketing strategy? Not my decision…my company pays me for my opinion, so I share it with my boss…then I LET IT GO. Breathe. Lather, rinse, repeat.


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  1. Clobbersaurus says:

    Dearest Drone,

    There are other words for you: lemming and sheep immediately spring to mind. Why do you wait at the crosswalk at 2am in the rain? The wolf is bearing down on you and wants to devour your tasty flesh. Take some initiative! If it’s not going to inconvenience you or anyone else, cross the damn street.



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