Welcome to the Bitter Corporate Drone

You know you’ve been jonesing for it, you know it’s a void in your life. You sit in your stall in the cube farm typing emails, sitting on conference calls and if you’re lucky; an occasional field trip to a live meeting with live humans. Then sometimes your head pops up like a prairie dog and you look around and wonder what the hell you’re doing.

Enter the Bitter Corporate Drone. Advice on HR violations (real, planned and imagined), advice on annoying coworkers, advice on how to get hired, how to get promoted, and how to get fired (more common than you’d think).

Or just a place to vent. There are people…Park Rangers, Letter Carriers, and Dog Catchers; all of whom we envy because they’re out in the world every day while we’re encased in sound dampening padding. There are also the doctors and lawyers…curing disease, standing up for the downtrodden (that’s what all lawyers do, right?). Then there are the cubicle jockeys. We’re bitter, some days we’re angry, and we have shit to say.

Say it here.


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