Variations on a Theme

Today, my bitterness toward Corporate America is the equivalent of spitting angrily at the ocean, but despite the futility…I’m hocking one up.

Growth.  Corporations need to grow to meet the changing needs of their clients, whoever they might be. I get that. But when growth is the simple pursuit of “more”…more customers, more revenue, more market share, more whatever…it starts to feel a little like insanity (and not in a good way).

 When the simple calculation of ‘more’ is coupled with the additional measure of ‘less’…as in less employees, less budget, less time…it starts to feel a lot like insanity.  To be clear, I’m totally down with the need to be efficient. Cut the fat and all that. But after the fat has been cut and signs point to taking chunks out of muscle (weird analogy, but it works for me right now) the organization doesn’t even see that it’s bleeding.

The tragic thing (for me) is that I think my desired scenario isn’t conducive to the way business is done in this, the 21st century.  If you’re not constantly growing and evolving, then you’re dying. It’s no wonder that Americans (and increasing numbers of other cultures) get hell bent on working longer hours, making more money, buying bigger houses and cars, when that’s the model business follows as wel.

Maybe the only place to go is government work?  Sheesh, that’s grim.


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