Unlikely Pairings – Wine and fireworks.

 “Hold my wine so I can get on the ladder.” Hearing this phrase would be cause for concern in some circles and I have to admit that in most cases I would have raised an eyebrow for the person who made that statement.

But on the Fourth of July I was that guy: a glass of wine in one hand and the bottom rung of a ladder in the other, on a rare clear night in Seattle, climbing up onto my roof to watch the


Union fireworks with a glass of good Cab in my hand.  It seemed the most logical of choices.

The morning of the Fourth dawned with endless possibilities. A bicycle ride around Fremont, a beer at the Red Door, salmon and chips at the Salmon House on Lake Union…watching drunken boaters zoom around the tiny lake, a brisk walk around Green Lake, and a movie; we had checked some of the best Seattle activities off our list by the evening.  Originally planning to ride our bikes back to Fremont to watch the fireworks, we were…well…too lazy after our full day.  So we sat on the back deck in the fading light and opened one of the ‘good’ bottles of wine: Wineglass Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. There is no ‘bad’ wine hanging around (that’s what re-gifting is for), but there are some bottles that taste too good to be the second bottle of wine, so sometimes they’re around for several months.  This was a night for a good first bottle and (it turned out) a good second bottle as well.


Finishing off the Cab as it was getting darker, we stood on our tip toes on the deck to see the lights from downtown. On many a mid-week Fourth and mid-week New Year’s Eve, I’ve stood on the deck in my jammies and watched the highest fireworks from my tip toes before going to bed.  Tonight though, we didn’t have to get up in the morning, it has been a great day, and (as mentioned) were now into the second bottle of good wine, so something other than tip toes was required. 

That’s how moments later, wine glasses in hand, we came to be on the roof.

Some of you are thinking this ends in tragedy, or at least in a story for the “what was I thinking?” category, but I’m sorry to disappoint.  It was a beautiful night on the roof. The pitch of the roof wasn’t enough to make us feel unstable and we made it to the peak without incident.  The angle was great for perching cross-legged and the view of downtown was awesome. Interestingly, on the roof we were apparently visible from the yards of several neighbors who were also (apparently) into their second bottle as there was much hooting and hollering and jokingly encouraging us to jump (we didn’t). 

Fireworks were awesome; quiet since we were about 7 miles north of the lake, but we saw most of the show including the brilliant finale.  After a longer look across the city of rooftops, we carried our empty glasses back down the ladder. 

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