Perspective, people!

Chinese manufacturing: it’s all the rage these days among those folks who manufacture things. What’s not to love!? Happy Chinese folks coming out of farms and fields and lining up for their taste of some good ole fashioned capitalism in the form of assembly line manufacturing! Yay!

BTW, shares of Caterpillar, maker of construction and agricultural equipment – the big stuff – has been happily and steadily on the rise for several years as that company sends more big earth movers to China and other countries to build an infrastructure as quickly as possible. See, everyone wins!

Well, almost everyone. Not Cheung Shu-hung, co-owner of a manufacturing plant in China who apparently bought a bunch of lead paint from his best friend and painted several thousand Mattel toys with it! Shame on Cheung for trying to cut corners in that way and shame on his best friend for pawning his birth-defect-causing paint on his pal! Now Mattel is having to do recalls, just like the recalled tires and the recalled pet food (sorry, Fluffy).

Here’s one difference in Chinese and American culture, just in case you had been getting them all mixed up and stuff…in America, Cheung would have announced (maybe tearfully, a’la Jimmy Swaggart) his mistake, resigned with a fat bonus for his trouble, then would have written a book and started on the lecture circuit.

But he wasn’t American (some of you got the past tense there…that’s called ‘foreshadowing’), he was Chinese. Cheung hung himself in one of his own factories rather than face the results of the investigation. Poor Cheung, poor China. Shame on America…what is our responsibility for Cheung’s death? What’s Mattel’s responsbility?

I wonder where Caterpillar has their incredibly rad scale model toy trucks made. The trucks that I made GI Joe sit in while he ran over other lesser toys I wonder where Caterpillar has those made? Hmmm…

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  1. Despondent says:

    Fascinating that 99% of the press about this is regarding the terrible fraud perpetuated on innocent American babies by these horrible Chinese people. The whole issue of the cultural pressures that resulted in a man taking his life seems to be barely mentioned.

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