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Dear Drone: I just got a sweet job at a company where there’s a chance to move around and make really good money. They’re a little conservative, though. I have a couple of tattoos that come down off my shoulders and wind around my arms up to my wrists. Now I’m being told that I have to wear long-sleeve shirts at the office. Granted the pictures are a tiny bit violent, but it seems to me that the business world is going to have to better understand the generation of workers who see body art as normal and not think I’m some kind of gang banger because of my tatts. Whaddya think? – Tattoo Guy

Dear Tattoo Guy: Sorry dude, I’m gonna have to side with your boss on this one. Corporate culture has managed through bell bottoms, mutton chops, mall hair, power ties and suspenders, so I’m thinking they’re going to be able to step up nicely to tattoos in their own time.

I also think that they have a right to make some dress code decisions. Should you be allowed to wear a shirt with gory violent scenes on it to work every day? I don’t think so. 20 years from now, there’s gonna have to be wider acceptance of tatts; hell, 2 years from now I expect broader acceptance. And there will likely be companies who opt not to hire brilliant folks because of the ink across their foreheads, but then everyone loses, right?

Personally, I’m hanging out until everyone has tattoos and it’s cool to be un-inked. THEN i’ll be cool, yes?

~Drone~ (striving for coolness)

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