Jennifer Aniston’s Hair

I’m hoping I get tons of women wistful for the 90′s who end up here after their Google search, wondering what new dirt there is about Jennifer Aniston’s hair. Not quite what you’re looking for, but trust me that this is where you want to be.

Talking with a friend who used to be in charge of some outsourced call centers, specifically call centers in India and she mentioned over a beer that the company in India would “Americanize” their representatives by having them watch Friends. Really? A couple of hundred years of American culture was boiled down to six imaginary friends who sat around a coffee shop and didn’t talk about drugs or politics or anything else going on?

Yup…Rachel’s hair, Ross’s serial marriages, Chandler’s ambiguous sexuality, Phoebe’s…well…whatever, Joey’s stupidity (that’s what it was, although couched in ‘cute’), and Monica’s insecurities and OCD. That’s what Indian folks are watching to best understand me and my life so they can appropriately tell me why my bill is so high.



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