iPhone – Bravely into the Future

No posts since the eventful day 3. No return visits to Apple, no more calls to Helpful Girl either at AT&T or at Apple.  The new cord charges and there has been no cycling of the power or resets of the settings since Day 3.  I am now venturing bravely into the future with my lovely iPhone and what a future it is.

I had to be shown the lovely mircofiber cloth that came in my lovely box (I haven’t gone on and on about the packaging, but I want you to know that I easily could) so I’ve been shining my iPhone with it’s microfiber cloth at every opportunity. I only put it in soft cloth places, to minimize scratches.  Despite this, scratches…like crow’s feet…are inevitable and they collect like lint on a wool sweater. I don’t care, it’s part of what makes my iPhone MY iPhone (I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, you can see that).

From now until forever (or at least until it breaks) there are the increasing number of applications showing up for iPhones to keep me busy. More on that later…I have a call coming in.

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