iPhone 3G – Day 3

Late on day 2, I plug my iPhone in so it can refresh with iTunes and recharge. An hour later I come back and…nothing. No refreshing, no recharging. I jiggle the cord, I jiggle the iPhone, I jiggle all the connections I can reach on the back of my computer without putting my hand too close to the old cat puke stain under the desk. Nothing.

I sigh.

I pack the iPhone, cord, and wall plug module (very cool, although not working) in my bag for Day 3.

I call Apple. I am on hold long enough to read and differentiate between the various political positions of Obama and McCain. I also answer email at work. I could have solved World Peace if they didn’t play annoying hard rock on hold at Apple. I’m not that hip, even if they are.

I get to Helpful Girl finally. She helps me power cycle the phone and helps me reset the settings. Nothing. She helps me make an appointment back the Apple Store with a Genius. I wonder if it will be the 12 year old.

I arrive for my appointment and am asked to wait outside and they will come find me. They have some weird way of documenting and communicating my arrival. I find this out later. While outside, I look at the line (poor losers). There are 32 people in line and only 3 are girls. There’s something here, but I’m not willing to pull that string.

Helpful Guy comes right up to me outside and invites me inside. I am Mike TV (see Day 1) again. He asks me what’s wrong, I tell him the details including trying different USB ports, trying different outlets, re-booting the computer and of course…power cycling the phone and resetting the settings.

He, without pause, announces that he is going to give me a new iPhone (this is perhaps why they don’t tell The Line People how many there are). I ask if we can just test the power cord because, although I am a lowly non-Genius non-Apple guys, I suspect the cord has played falsely with me. He humors me and plugs my phone into another base. It charges. He plugs another iPhone into my cord. It doesn’t work. He is momentarily flummoxed (the non-Genius was right). He, without pause, announces that he is going to give me a new iPhone cord.

I get the new cord, we try it out, it charges.

All is well. Happy Day 3. By the way? Visual Voicemail is worthy of worship.

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