iPhone 3G – Day 2

Many text messages have been sent, test calls have been made and received, internet has been browsed and contacts have been updated.  My initial infatuation with this sleek beauty remains as I plumb his depths. *brrrr*

My ‘recent calls’ queue fills up, but voicemails do not. This seems odd to me, so I try to check voicemail. Lightly tapping the voicemail button doesn’t do anything. Holding “down” the 1 button doesn’t do anything (this is a weird sensation since theres no “down” to press).  So I make a test call and am rejected then hung up on by my own phone for having the audacity to have made a call to someone without voicemail setup.

I’m a child of the new millenium (or at least want to be); I can solve this. I go to online help to see how to setup voicemail.  Every single set of instructions (I find several about setting up voicemail) starts with “tap the voicemail button”. There is no escape clause for those of us who get nothing from the constant tapping.

My infatuation fades.

I call Apple and wait on hold for many mango seasons. I get Helpful Girl (she will become a recurring character in my life. Are there no boys who work in Customer Service for Apple or AT&T?). Helpful Girl helps me power cycle the phone, helps me reset the settings, then pronounces herself at the end of her knowledge and has to get me to AT&T.

Transferred to AT&T Customer Care, I speak to (shockingly) a new Helpful Girl. She helps me power cycle the phone and reset the settings. She then asks if we dialed the manual number for the voicemail (it seems so simple in retrospect). We had not.

She give me the number, I dial it, I am walked through instructions for voicemail setup. Helpful Girl places a test call and leaves a test voicemail. I am introduced to Visual Voicemail and my infatuation comes back. Happy day 2.

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