I’m the friend who will tell you it looks dumb

Folks, take off the Bluetooth headset when you’re not on a call.  Yes, for you, the first few times you do it and maybe even every time you do it, it’s very “Star Trek” to be able to just talk out loud while your eyes glaze over and you don’t have to hold a pesky cell phone in your hand.

The rest of us see you looking at us (we don’t immediately notice the glazed-over eyes) and don’t realize that you may be on a call so we don’t know if you’re talking to us or if you’re just creepy.  When you’re not on a call and talking to us with that damned thing on, we invariably think “take that damned thing off.”

It’s not sexy, it’s not cool, it just sends the message that you are ready and willing to interrupt whatever else may be happening just in case your phone rings.  Your friends may not be willing to tell you, but I am.


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