Get married, or get out

Dude, no way. Just heard on the news that a woman was fired from Huntwood Industries for not getting married to her live-in boyfriend. If you’re like me, you are thinking this is media sensationalism and there must be more to the story. Well, there it was, right on my TV screen, the performance review with the written comments “fired if not married by…” with some date in 2005. Check it out.

So (huge shock here) she sued! MAN I would have loved to see the look on the face of Huntwood’s attorney when he got the news. “I’m sorry…her manager put it IN WRITING?!” There’s not enough medication to come down from that panic attack. Shame on her idiot manager who apparently believed it was 1925. It will shock you (as it did me) to learn that religious beliefs were at play here. Sheesh.

But wait, this gets juicier! This woman’s manager…the esteemed Darrick Hunt…is apparently the son of the OWNER’s of Huntwood! Yay for privileged idiots! So, I’m taking a wild guess that Mr. Hunt The Younger will probably now end his career as a manager of humans. Huntwood makes cabinets so maybe his future in the family biz includes a screwdriver. I hope Ms. Unmarried Person gets his balls as a trophy in addition to cash.


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  1. CitizenJane says:

    Back in NINETEEN EIGHTY-NINE (1989) someone from work called my house to see if I was on my way in. I was, and my boyfriend answered the phone. Wow, I heard about that for over a week–mind you in a teasing way, but come on! Was it that exotic? I guess it was considered slutacious (TM Mo’nique).

    I’m sorry to hear that over 20 years later things haven’t changed much!

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