EUMR – Day 5

Good morning Cannon Beach! Who doesn’t like getting up and seeing the ocean!? Aaaah.  They let me take my breakfast back to my room because the view from the room was MUCH better than from the little dining room.

All along, I had heard that rain was likely to start on Thursday, so here I am Thursday morning on borrowed time. I hate riding in the rain, but was willing to chance it. It’s cloudy this morning, but doesn’t feel rainy, so I’m feeling lucky.

I ride north, to Tillamook (famous for cheese, but I don’t stop at the cheese factory…I have to have some boundaries), then on to Astoria. Fewer beautiful ocean views at this point and those I did see were gray from the clouds.

I cross the Columbia River at Astoria on what (at the time) seems like the highest bridge I’ve ever been on…and I’ve been on a lot of bridges. The Columbia is just crazily huge here…the bridge starts really high, then speeds along closer to the water for what must be a mile or more. Then voila’…I’m in Washington! It feels just like home, but I’m still some ways from home.

Just across the river, I get to Cape Disappointment (I’m not mad…just disappointed) and there is the ubiquitous lighthouse, so I stop. A beach shot as I walk to the lighthouse.


I took about 5 pictures of the lighthouse, trying to get the light. I did, but it’s not terribly obvious.  So here’s the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse

And then it rained. 

Overall, I was really lucky. I got very little rain on me except what fell as I walked back to the bike from the lighthouse, but the roads were VERY wet for more than a hundred miles at that point from Ilwaco, WA to Olympia. From Ilwaco, I rode for what seemed like forever in a flat, river-delta-looking wilderness. I wouldn’t have thought anything like that was in Washington. Here’s the Willapa Wilderness preserve. The photo doesn’t do it justice.


At this point, it was breezy, I was getting more rain and the roads were wet, wet, wet. So I hunkered down for the next 150 miles or so and just rode to get home. The roads dried out by the time I got on the interstate in Olympia, but I was ready to get home at that point.

Pulled in around 4ish on Thursday afternoon, I think. The Epic Unemployment Motorcycle Ride was fantastic.

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