EUMR – Day 4

Waking up in lovely Florence, OR the air freshener they used to clean at the Lighthouse Inn has me nearly gagging, so I head out. I had seen an espresso place on my walk last night, so headed there. The Americano was so good, I stood outside by the Siuslaw River and drank it, then promptly went back in for another. Good start to the day.

Back on the bike, today was all about the Oregon coast. Based on mileage, I should have been to Astoria by lunchtime, but there was MUCH to see. Many stops for pictures and appreciation. Within mere minutes on the road, I came across the World’s Largest Sea Cave which was the home to hundreds of sea lions! Well apparently, like much of central Oregon, the sea lions were out running seal-errands or something because the World’s Largest Sea Cave was pretty deserted. There was one quite seal sleeping in a corner, but it was too dark to photograph. Frankly, it may have been a sack of gravel for all I could tell. But I dutifully took totally dark photos of it (not shared…really, there’s nothing to see). Here’s the sea cave, though. It was pretty neato. I took an elevator down about 200 ft from the parking lot to the cave.


From the parking lot of the World’s Largest Sea Cave, I got this great look at the Heceta Lighthouse. They say it’s the most photographed lighthouse in the state (country?) which seems a little extreme, but it was a nice lighthouse.


I didn’t plan a lighthouse theme, but they seem like something that should be photographed on a trip like this, so there are a few more coming. But first…a bridge. I don’t know what bridge this is, but it was cool, so warranted a picture. That bridge is 101 and it had an exit that brought me under the bridge and to a beach. So after taking the picture, I crossed the bridge.


So at this point it’s pretty much amazing view after amazing view. Great road, not much traffic and beautiful sun and ocean for miles. I stopped for lunch in a town called Yachats (Ya-hats’) which was right where the Yachats River came into the ocean. I took this picture from the table where I had breakfast.


More great views, some more bridges and some lighthouses I didn’t take pictures of…this was an amazing day or riding. I recommend doing this on a weekday off season, it was SO easy. As the day wore on, it was apparent that I wasn’t going to make Astoria without unpleasant hurrying and I still wanted to stop and see Cannon Beach, which I had heard a lot about, but not ever seen.  So, unemployment be damned, I decided that I would stop in Cannon Beach for the night and furthermore, I would look for a hotel RIGHT on the beach. It seemed important so I went with it.

I stayed at the Stephanie Inn and the sliding glass doors of my room opened right up onto a bit of grass, then sand, then the Pacific. It was worth every penny. Here is the hotel from the beach. My room was on the far left end, on the first floor.


Here’s the view from my sliding door. Those rocks are Cannon Beach signature rocks, if there is such a thing. They seem to appear in every picture I’ve ever seen…I guess that’s how you tell that it’s Cannon Beach.


Here’s the rock somewhat closer. I spent a good bit of my time at Cannon Beach walking on the beach and when not doing that, just looking at the water.

Cannon Beach

Brrr….yes, it’s as cold as you probably imagine, but I don’t care. I am one with the Pacific.


Good night from the Stephanie Inn in Cannon Beach, OR. I can’t wait to come back here and NOT just because of the wine and cheese social in the afternoon, or because of the nightcap social (I had a port) in the evening.

Tomorrow is drive-home day.

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