EUMR – Day 3

SUCH a nice night at Jo’s Motel. The only down-side is that they didn’t open for food and espresso until 8:30 (yes…they had espresso!  No TV or wireless service, but espresso!). So because I was up early and ready to go I went to take some pictures. The property backs up to the Wood River and the proprietress (Jo?) recommended looking at stars near the river last night, but I was pretty sure I would end up getting lost.

Seeing the river this morning I’m pretty sure I would have ended up IN the river. It’s just right there! The grass in these pictures is frosty-crunchy. This is the same barn twice…it’s quite photogenic, so I got several pictures as the sun was coming up.

Red Barn


I got a chance to chat with the other proprietor (Jo?) while he was cooking my breakfast. The organic grocery store seemed to make a statement, so I asked him “why organic?” and we had a great conversation about his youth on a farm in Wisconsin, then his wife’s and his farm on the Oregon coast that they had sold to get the motel. By the way, the answer to “why organic?” was that he had a childhood experience being warned by his dad not to touch the seed corn one year because it had been chemically treated. Apparently at that young age he thought it was silly not to be able to touch seed corn (I don’t think I’ve EVER touched seed corn) so went organic.

So according to my plan, today was the day to head to the coast. My original plan was to drive south until Tuesday afternoon, then turn around. This was just Tuesday morning, but I wanted to get to the Oregon coast, which turned out to take longer than I had though. So I left high desert and alpine lakes and headed through the woods to the evil interstate.

Crossing to the east, I followed the Rogue River for many miles starting when it was just a small mountain river.  It gets BIG a little farther down the mountains, though. This is my bike parked at the Rogue River overlook.  The other pic is, obviously, the river itself. Roguish, no?

 Bike at Rogue River overook


 No pics for awhile. I drove through much National Forest and apparently it was the day for controlled burns, so I drove through a good bit of smoke.  Big mossy trees, twisty deserted roads and me for many miles. Had lunch at Grants Pass, OR to figure out what to do next.

My choices were either drive south into California and pick up 101 there, or to head north and pick up 101 in Florence, OR.  The CA drive just seemed too ambitious, so I got on I-5 and did about an hour of freeway driving to get to the Roseburg area. All of this ate up Tuesday with fewer beautiful views than the past few days. Apparently the Columbia River and Crater Lake spoiled me.

I got off the interstate at Winston and continued west through the coast range. There was fog across the coast range which, from the sunny interstate, looked like a blanket draped over the mountain peaks. Then I headed under the fog blanket for a while and lost the sun until I got to the coast. Finally, finally, finally…my ass hurt, I was hungry, I was tired of fog and there there I was!


This is the Umpqua Lighthouse and was my first clear view of the Pacific. I got on 101 in Coos Bay, which sounds much cooler than it was. No ocean to see, bunches of industry and stuff…not photogenic at all. So I kept on until Florence, OR where I stopped at the Lighthouse Inn.  Slightly trashy, but fully functional.


From the Lighthouse Inn, I walked under the 101 bridge and had a mediocre seafood dinner at a restaurant on the Siuslaw (Sy-oos’-law) River. As a side note, bridges are quite a thing along the Oregon coast. I found out that most of them were designed by the same guy and some of them are really beautiful, if you like that sort of thing. After eating mediocre seafood and binging on really terrible lemon cake, I called Tuesday done. I had, as planned, gotten to Tuesday night and had headed north. It’s good to have a plan.

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