Epic Unemployment Motorcycle Ride (EUMR) – Day 2a

Goldendale, WA – Fort Klamath, OR

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It was just barely over 30 degrees when I got on the bike this morning. But since it hadn’t rained in a while, I wasn’t afraid of ice…just afraid of freezing my ass off.  You know.

Bike at The Ponderosa

My plan for this trip was to take highway 97 through WA and OR as far as I could go by Tuesday, then head west to the coast. The bridge over the Columbia River (which is the border between WA and OR) was closed, so they detoured traffic west along the Columbia Gorge which wasn’t a bad thing at all.  Fall colors were awesome during the whole trip, but there were really cool trees along the gorge. Sadly, in this picture, the golden leaves are tough to see against the gold-esque hills, but trust me when I tell you that it was spectacular! :-)

Columbia Gorge

Then some nice folks took a picture of me next to the Columbia River (OR side, this time). I returned the favor and took a picture of them. They were heading to Butte, Montana.  I look a little rough in this pic…what can I say, it was early.


So a detour west along the north side of the Columbia, then cross at The Dalles (cool name for a city, eh?), then east again back on highway 97.  Central Oregon is just high desert and rolling hills…SO neato for riding.


The ride through Oregon gave neat views of faraway mountains.  Mt. Hood is recognizable because it’s so perfectly cone-shaped. As I look at both these pictures, the mountains are barely visible…they were much easier to see when I was riding. Not sure what that’s about.


I passed a ‘mountain identification’ sign that told me that this was Mt. Jefferson.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mt. Jefferson before.


This was my first full day of riding and the ride through Oregon was amazing and looked just like those pictures for most of the day. I went through a town called Grass Valley and stopped for a cup of coffee. Ended up talking about motorcycles in a dingy coffee shop with a guy (never got his name) who was probably in his later 20′s, looked like he worked on cars and motorycles a lot, and had children-of-the-corn blue eyes.  Really…so blue they were almost creepy. Interesting conversation, though. He told me about the NASCAR track that’s coming to that area that he expects will make Grass Valley boom (relatively speaking, I assume).  It was a cool break in the day.

Next stop Bend, Oregon. No pics from Bend, but it was a cool town. I’d heard that it was a big bicycle town and sure enough…folks on bicycles all over the place. It got downright toasty in Bend…probably topped 70 while I was there. I walked around downtown a little, bought some glove liners (much appreciated over the next few days) and had some lunch. Nice break.

Next stop….Crater Lake!

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