Epic Unemployment Motorcycle Ride (EUMR) – Day 1


  1. 1275 miles
  2. 26 gallons of gas
  3. 4 nights
  4. 2 states
  5. 1 pair of Levi’s

I can say with experience now (for the first time) that getting laid off sucks. There is much self-analysis to be done about choice and power differentials and framing and re-framing and re-framing, but the bottom line is that I had a job on Thursday and on Friday I didn’t anymore.  No use in railing at my former employer…in their position, I would likely have made the same decision a few months earlier than they did.

But that’s not the point here! The point is that I was fully justified in heading out of town on my motorcycle on barely more than a whim.  The whim struck on Friday, the plan came together on Saturday and in response to my planned departure on Monday, Dan wondered why I just didn’t leave on Sunday. He and I had that conversation at about 10AM and I was on the bike by 12:30. SO fun. Here’s the map (thanks Google).

The Route

So here’s my travelogue…some pictures, some commentary, some bragging and posturing. If, after reading this, you decide you want to pay me scads of money to travel and write cleverly about it, give a shout. It turns out I have some spare time just now.

Day 1: Sunday

To kick off the trip, I had to stop for fast food in North Bend…about an hour from home. This is Mt. Si, a popular hike in these parts, although it’s apparently ridiculously steep (I haven’t done it).

The Beginning!

Heading out just after noon for what would be only three sections of the trip on the Interstate. If I haven’t mentioned it, I HATE riding on the Interstate. Swirling strong wind from many passing trucks toss my poor 750 pound bike all over the road. There are many other reasons, but suffice to say that I HATE riding on the Interstate.

To test my resolve, the Road Trip Gods brought severe winds to I-90 heading over the pass, so that I tried to keep all the way to the right so that when I was tossed off the top of a high bridge, I wouldn’t kill any innocent speeding SUV drivers. Terrible wind, but I made it.

Once over the mountains, it was beautiful sunny fall weather. Eastern Washington is high desert, so is usually warmer and more arid than the Seattle area. Riding through Yakima and seeing some of WA wine country was cool. Then it just opened up even more.

Eastern WA open road

I finished in Goldendale, WA at The Ponderosa. I don’t think I had planned to avoid chain motels, but it became a theme that was kicked off at The Ponderosa. I got to stay in the new building which was extremely generic. Really…they had reached new heights of generic and I was pleased to partake. When asking the woman (we’re in rural WA, remember) where I could get something to eat she recommended a Chinese restaurant and a Mexican restaurant. When I asked if there was a pub that served sandwiches, she actually looked down her nose at me and said “I don’t go to the bars; I got kids.” After that she allowed that she had gone once to the Top Hat and seemed to remember that they served burgers. She was right, they did and it was just fine.  Hello Goldendale.

The Ponderosa, Goldendale, WA

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  1. CitizenJane says:

    If, after reading this, you decide you want to pay me scads of money to travel and write cleverly about it, give a shout. It turns out I have some spare time just now.
    sigh. Wouldn’t that be a dream job?

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