C25K Day 2

OK, so if half the battle if showing up, I’m definitely a winner today! Wait. That doesn’t make sense because as of this writing, not only did I show up, but I completed day 2!

Structured basically like Day 1…90 seconds walking, 60 seconds running…or something like that, with a 5 minute walk at the beginning and the end for warm-up / cool-down.

This workout totally wins for setting me up for success. I wasn’t really sore after day 1 and here after day 2, I felt like I could have done more but was glad for the slow ramp-up.

Sunny day which was nice, and I went down 9th Ave about 15 blocks before the handy voice told me I was halfway and should turn around.

This was 3 days after day 1…I think day 3 will be in two days (so, Wed).

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