C25K Day 1

So many folks seem to be having success with this “Couch to 5K” approach to running and I hate to be that guy who constantly seems to be searching for what will work.

Here I am. That guy.

Data points that compel me:
1. “I’m on week 8 and I’ve lost 15 pounds!”
2. In my own dreams I don’t fly; I run. Effortlessly and tirelessly, I run like other people fly: for transportation and some joy.
3. “A year ago I started walking with friends and after this program I’m on my second half marathon.” (do two halves make a whole?)

So I started and it was, it must be said, easy. Walk/run/walk/run/etc. for 31 minutes. Throughout I had some minor knee pain…you know, in that knee that lacks the cushioning benefit of soft tissue? But I’m deciding that it’s due to that knee being asked to step up and fend off infirmity with the rest of the joints.

In an un-related note, I’m also 5 days vegan as of today (if I finish today). Not related except in the global sense of working to find something that works.

Over-analyzing aside I can say: C25K Day 1 is done.

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