About The Bitter Corporate Drone

Ahoy Mateys, Bitter Corporate Drone here. Many years now, I’ve gone from cubicles to offices, to open floor plans (a desk in the middle of a large floor with no walls anywhere) back to offices and am now in a cubicle. It’s either not that bad or I’ve gone numb.

I’ve been around for Quality Circles, Management by Objective, Six Sigma, and Lean. All festive ways to spend money in organizations.

I’ve been in big companies, in little companies, and in-between companies. I’ve been in big companies who buy small companies, have been in small companies that provide services to big companies. I’ve been younger than my boss, the same age as my boss and older than my boss.

I have failed to clean my lunchbox out of the department fridge and gotten my yogurt thrown away. I have lost my security card and had to lurk in the lobby until someone rescued me so I could go to work. I have taken a Vice President’s screw up and traded it for weekend after weekend.

Dude, not only have I drunk the Kool-Aid over and over, I’ve bathed in it.

Bitter Corporate Drone at your service.